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Grilled Fish Recipes

grilled fish recipes

Tips and Recipes for Grilled Tuna,
Tilapia, Scallops, and More

Grilled fish recipes for halibut, mahi mahi, trout, and cod. Awesome grilled fish taco recipes with tasty white sauces. Delicious recipes for grilling swordfish, oysters, red snapper, and much more.

Grilled Fish Recipes

Easy Grilled Tuna Recipes

Grilled albacore tuna wrapped in bacon. Awesome grilled tuna fish sandwich recipe. And ahi grilled tuna steaks with a zesty dill sauce. Plus a how to grill tuna fish video.

Best Grilled Tilapia Fish Recipes

Lemon pepper crusted tilapia for the bbq, a rockin' grilled fish tacos recipe, and a video for how to grill tilapia fish fillets on the barbecue.

Grilled Scallops Recipes

Bacon wrapped sea scallops, and an easy scallop pasta recipe on the grill with basil marinated asparagus, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Trout Fish Recipes

Delicious rainbow trout with an asian-flavored crust, spicy blackened brook trout on the grill, and a bbq steelhead trout recipe.

Grilled Grouper Fish Recipe

Blackened grouper fish with a spicy lemon parmesan crust.

Grilled Halibut Recipes

Blackened halibut crusted with lemon, garlic, and herbs, plus a video about grilling halibut fish.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Fish Recipes

Here we're grilling us some fresh mahi mahi fish tacos. Plus a simple blackened mahi mahi grilled fish recipe.

Grilled Catfish Recipe

A video for how to grill catfish, and an easy spicy blackened catfish recipe for your next barbecue.

Grilled Swordfish Recipes

Fresh grilled marinated swordfish with cucumber, mint, and dill.

Grilled Oysters

Delicious grilled oysters recipe for artichoke soup or stew, oyster dressing recipes, plus grilling tips and a how to video for grilling and shucking oysters.

Grilled Walleye Fish Recipes

Two easy recipes for cooking walleye fish on the grill blackened or with a spicy garlic marinade.

Grilled Redfish Recipes

Video for how to cook redfish on the grill cajun-style.

Grilled Red Snapper

Killer grilled fish tacos, and a grilling recipe for spicy cajun blackened red snapper fillets.

Grilled Sea Bass

A tasty recipe for a garlic, basil, parmesan marinade to compliment black or chilean sea bass.

Grilled Cod Fish Recipes

Spicy, Mexican grilled fish tacos, and a how to video for grilling cod fish with basil and lemon.

Grilled Haddock

Here we're grilling up some Haddock stuffed with parmesan cheese, and a grilled fish taco recipe with haddock and a chipotle hot sauce.

Grilled Mussels

Video and grilling instructions for how to cook mussels in a white wine sauce, black bean sauce, or a rich curry sauce.

Grilled Mackerel Fish Recipe

Easy recipe for cooking mackerel on the grill in a spicy hot sauce with onions.

Grilled Orange Roughy Fish Recipe

Garlic Parmesan Crusted Grilled Orange Roughy Recipe

Grilled Fish Taco Recipes

A complete list of all our tasty fish taco white sauces and grilling recipes for fish tacos.

Portuguese Grilled Fish Recipes

A selection of healthy fish recipes. Includes mouthwatering grilled salmon, scallops, halibut, and more. All of the recipes are simple and easy to follow as good food does not need to be disguised.

How to Grill Fish

Selecting Fish

Great grilled fish recipes start with quality fresh fish.

Smell Test: If it smells fishy don't buy it.

Flesh Test: The flesh should look solid and firm, not feathered or mealy. When pressed upon it should bounce back without leaving an indentation. The skin should be clean and shiny, not slimy, with scales intact (not falling off).

Whole Fish: The cavity should be clean and free from any fluid (i.e. blood). Fish eyes should be clean and well rounded not sunken in or cloudy.

Instructions for Grilling Fish

When it comes to grilled fish recipes it is the type of fish and ingredients that vary not usually the grilling times.

Here are some quick grilling tips to make sure your grilled fish turns out great every time:

1. Clean and preheat your grill for high heat (500 degrees F). If your using charcoal, the grill is ready when you can hold the palm of your hand two inches above the grate for only 1 -2 seconds before pulling away.

2. Grill fish with the skin on and skin-side down first. This will prevent your fish from drying out and the skin usually comes off easily during the grilling process.

3. Fish tends to stick to the grill so liberally wipe the grill grate with olive oil, using a rag or paper towel, to keep it from sticking. Cooking spray works well for this.

Grilling Tip:
Don't use cooking spray on the grill while it is on high or it will flare up. Turn it down, spray the grill, then turn it up again.

Grilling baskets work great for fish because you avoid the sticking problem and baskets create nice grill marks on your fish for presentation.

4. Most white fish only takes 4 -5 minutes per inch, per side, to cook through on the grill.

Grilling Tip:
Your fish will tell you when its ready to flip because it will release "relatively" easy from the grill.

Don't mess with it. Just leave it until it's ready to flip. Then flip it only once.

5. To flip fish, thin grilling spatulas work the best. They can easily get under the fish which helps to keep things from falling apart or sticking to the grill.

6. Any grilled fish recipe can be enhanced with garlic, lemon, and parsley. These flavors go particularly well with white fish.

Grilling Tip:
If you are using a citrus based marinade (lemon, lime, orange, etc.), use it just before you grill because the acid will breakdown your fish if you marinate for too long.

7. Your fish is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 130 degrees F and it flakes easily with a fork.

For specific fish grilling instructions, times, and how to videos: see our recipes column.

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